In 2000, I visited a bible church in California. In that moment, I knew I had found what I had been searching for. The problem was that I didn’t live in California; I lived in Iowa. When I returned to Dubuque I began my search for a church to call home.

After visiting several churches a relative mention that Pastor Dennis was a good preacher. I had only known Pastor in his worldly days and was surprised to find out he was now a pastor. I called him and we spoke for a very long time. I found that God had put the same thoughts and desires in our hearts with respect to Him.

I had been afraid of death my entire life to that point. After attending Dubuque Community Church for the first time, that Sunday, I knew I no longer had anything to fear but an eternity in the presence of Jesus to look forward to. Pastor helped me to see this. He also helps me to rest in the peace the Lord provides when I go through times of trial. He is always ready to pray for and help anyone who is struggling or hurting. I’ve never met anyone who is more in love with Jesus than Pastor Dennis and he not only teaches us about God’s love but is a wonderful living example.

In the years I’ve attended Dubuque Community Church I’ve also enjoyed serving and fellowship and have made some good friends. God has blessed us to see and appreciate how unique He has made each of us and how much He loves every one of us. I’m so very thankful for my pastor and my church family.

Dubuque Community Church’s mission statement is, “A place to heal, a place to grow”. This is visibly seen every Sunday in our church and in our lives personally.

Our church is a supportive family, we don’t squabble over things. We moved twice in four years. Both times, Pastor Dennis gave up a Saturday to help us move. Members from our church also helped without asking for anything in return.

Pastor Dennis has been a respectable, encouraging mentor to us. We have a notebook filled with wisdom that he has shared from his life and from the Bible. My husband says that Pastor Dennis is a man that he doesn’t have to call “Mister” or “Pastor”, but he can call him Dennis, for he is one of his best friends. In the more than 10 years of knowing Pastor Dennis, we have found he wants to be a person’s friend first and pastor second. He lives the life of a godly man better than anyone we have ever met. He loves the Lord more than he loves anyone or anything else. He truly has a heart for people and takes seriously his calling to be a pastor.

My life is more peaceful since I’ve come to this church.

When I first entered Dubuque Community Church by invitation of a friend, I listened intently to Pastor Denny as he delivered God’s Word. Tears would flow slowly from his eyes then the faucet would turn on, so much it appeared to be cleansing.

I asked my friend, “Why is he crying?” He replied, “It’s God’s Holy Spirit.” I knew I wanted some of that!